Options traders are making 10% monthly, some make Rs 22 lakh profit in one day, yet ntro, raw, cbi are only harassing indian paypal account holders making very less money

Indicating the role of indian tech and internet companies in harassing, cheating and exploiting indian paypal account holders, they are falsely labelled a security threat, their savings are stolen and they are denied privacy causing great losses.
The indian paypal account holders are usually making very less money, only enough for food and business expenses, yet they are hounded.
In comparison Options traders are making 10% monthly, doubling their money in one year, some like amita patel’s architect student make a Rs 22 lakh profit in one day, yet no one is bothering them at all, they are not denied privacy, their saving are not stolen by government agencies and they are not falsely labelled a security threat

This shows the rampant human rights abuses, denial of fundamental rights for domain investors in the indian internet sector, who have no one to help or protect them against cruel selfish greedy government employees