bookmark_borderAuto withdrawal to bank account not working for some indian paypal account holders since 22 May 2021

According to the postings on the Paypal community forums Auto withdrawal of balance not working for some indian paypal account holders since 22 May 2021 . Usually the balance in US $ or other currency is withdrawn on the day when it is received.
While currency rate could be one reason why the auto withdrawal is halted, it appears that the 11 year banking fraud on paypal account holders is also exposed, and the main beneficiaries who are friends and relatives of top ntro, raw, cbi employees have got the withdrawal blocked
Some of the paypal account holders who are complaining on the forum are
The domain investor usually receives payment every Wednesday from a writing website. The US$ payment is in the paypal account, yet the amount is not yet withdrawn to the indian bank account on 26 May 2021, or 27 May 2021 till 9 am
Other indians who are facing a similar problem, that their balance is not autowithdrawn to their indian bank account can contact on

bookmark_borderOptions traders making Rs one crore profit annually lead a normal life, only indian paypal account holders CHEATED, EXPLOITED, TORTURED

According to google’s favorite domain fraudster R&AW employee amita patel , a large number of options traders are making more than Rs 1 crore annually, they are not labelled a security threat
One of biggest examples of the atrocities on indian paypal account holders is how the security agencies are encouraged to falsely label them a security threat, though they ae making very less money, almost all make less than Rs 10 lakh annually, while no one harasses options traders making more than Rs one crore annually according to google’s favorite domain fraudster R&AW employee amita patel on twitter, Youtube
The foreign companies are paying the indian paypal account holders only if they get some service, product, the amount is very small usually only a few lakhs annually, yet since 2010, government agencies, employees like mandrekar, nayak caro, pritesh chodankar are hysterically criminally defaming them a security threat without any kind of legally valid proof, to get their lazy greedy fraud relatives like greedy goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, raw/cbi jobs faking bank account, domain ownership since 2012
The small amount the paypal account holders are making is used for paying their daily expenses yet indicating the atrocities of the government on hardworking harmless indian citizens, the security agencies especially in goa are allowed to continue with their FINANCIAL FRAUD, human rights abuses on harmless paypal account holders, the government have the humanity and honesty to end the atrocities.

bookmark_borderOptions traders are making 10% monthly, some make Rs 22 lakh profit in one day, yet ntro, raw, cbi are only harassing indian paypal account holders making very less money

Indicating the role of indian tech and internet companies in harassing, cheating and exploiting indian paypal account holders, they are falsely labelled a security threat, their savings are stolen and they are denied privacy causing great losses.
The indian paypal account holders are usually making very less money, only enough for food and business expenses, yet they are hounded.
In comparison Options traders are making 10% monthly, doubling their money in one year, some like amita patel’s architect student make a Rs 22 lakh profit in one day, yet no one is bothering them at all, they are not denied privacy, their saving are not stolen by government agencies and they are not falsely labelled a security threat

This shows the rampant human rights abuses, denial of fundamental rights for domain investors in the indian internet sector, who have no one to help or protect them against cruel selfish greedy government employees