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It appears that hardworking IT professionals are targetted for identity theft, to steal their savings. They are usually single. This problem is specific to the indian it and internet sector. This answer is copied from quora

name is A. Kanti Kalyan, a Indian citizen by birth, completed bachelor's in computer science engineering. I had a successful career and had been to the United States of America on H1B. I came back to India in 2017. Right about that time I.e 2017 +/- 1 year is when identity theft, potentially visa fraud and may be even insurance and loan fraud might have happened (based on rumor mill, I don't have evidence or was negatively affected)

Also for the record, I have a Indian passport (identity proof document) issued 17 years ago, 11 years ago (previous one slightly damaged), another passport issued a year ago (2nd passport expired) and the passports have previous passport numbers mentioned. And I can bet, these identity thieves and the law enforcement agencies are siding with the ones who have recent documents). And as I mentioned they have been using law enforcement agencies influence to manipulate signature and perform signature forgery)

Source : How do I report rogue RAW agent who misuse authority for identity theft?